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by greenyellowG

野菜のサヴァイバル術。Veggies got the brain, sort of.





パープルプラムラディッシュ、野沢菜、岐阜紅かぶ。カブはぬか漬けに、葉っぱですんき漬けに挑戦! they all gonna get picked up!

Did you know when you try to harvest turnips & radish that grown up lil too big, their leaves and stems get super stingy? I mean almost feels like picking some cactus with your fingers! Seriously!

It clearly tells us that all these veggies got their own survival skills, as if they got their own brain to think and protect themselves from natural enemy(me! lol).

By the time these stingy veggies get displayed at stores and farmer's market, these stings are gone and we have no problem touching them. I wonder if they got the same survival skills, if they got persitesided up... Oh well, I'm glad I will have no chance to find that out at my garden.

Give Thanx to Gaia!
by greenyellowG | 2016-06-05 13:54 | ガーデニング gardening